DT Hi-Load dump truck bodies

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Do you want to maximise the payload on your haul truck without exceeding the OEM’s gross vehicle weight (GVW) limitation? The DT Hi-Load dump truck body, characterised by its curved and flexible structure, provides the opportunity to maximise the payload on your haul truck without exceeding the OEM’s gross vehicle weight [GVW] limitation. The added benefit of reducing a truck’s total empty vehicle weight [EVW] provides additional benefits which have proven to improve truck performance. These include:

  • Increased allowable payload
  • Extended chassis and component life
  • Extended tyre life
  • Reduced fuel consumption 

The structure is manufactured completely from anti-abrasion steel, providing strength for impact resistance, while also flexing slightly to effectively dissipate energy during loading, thereby reducing fatigue damage.

Product history

The hi-load dump truck body is manufactured by Desarrollos Tecnológicos S.A. (DTSA), an engineering and metal working company that focuses on the mining sector. DTSA was established in 1994 with the production of mining truck bodies and was acquired by Komatsu in 2011 thereby providing a platform for DT Hi-Load to become a world class product.  To date more than 2000 DT Hi-Load bodies have been supplied to the largest mining companies across the world.

Constant research and development, utilising the most advanced structural and predictive calculation of fatigue and backed by the experience of Komatsu’s own truck division, has led to a profound advantage over competitors. 

The patented curved design and the characteristics of elastic deformation in loading and unloading combined with the use of the most modern abrasion resistant materials, have generated a hopper with a flexible body that is extremely lightweight, and robust enough to beat the demands of each mining operation.

Product description

The DT Hi-Load Dump Body is manufactured almost entirely of anti-wear steels with the lowest weight in its class. Furthermore, the original patented design of the DT Hi-Load Phase X Dump Body has a unique (repairable) construction system which considerably reduces operational downtime. 
The DT Hi-Load Phase X hopper has a flexible and curved structure that does not require as many beams as its competitors to support its structure, allowing for a lighter hopper even when a higher floor thickness is required. This ensures the design is more resistant to impact loads and wear. 

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