Innovation: Mineware

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Advanced monitoring for the digital mine

MineWare develops independent monitoring systems for draglines, hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders and electric shovels to improve production, reduce maintenance and lower costs. Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, MineWare connects more than 90 global mining operations. 

MineWare’s world-class systems are shaping the future of ground engaging equipment monitoring and automation globally, driving sustainable improvements in operator performance, mine compliance, payload management, safety and machine health.

Actionable, accessible information 

The aim is to make real-time, actionable information accessible to multiple personnel on and off-site, enabling them to make timely, informed and sustainable decisions.

Independent, integrated solutions 

MineWare’s systems are developed on an open platform, intuitive and easy to integrate across multiple systems to make global mining safer, more sustainable and more productive.

They include solutions for payload optimisation, machine health, mine compliance and situational awareness.

Solution wheel

MineWare’s real-time technology can play a pivotal role in optimising payload, machine health and mine plan compliance. 

MineWare’s Argus system provides pass-by-pass payload information to shovel, excavator and wheel loader operators in real time, enabling them to achieve consistent, accurate truck loads, every time. 

Improving productivity by to up 12% while reducing machine stress, MineWare’s Pegasys dragline monitoring system is regarded is as the best in class for payload and mine compliance. 

Extracting maximum value for all 

MineWare’s mRoc desktop technology is revolutionary in its ability to give mines access to greater visibility of their shovel and dragline operations, anywhere, at any time. Real-time dashboards provide instant information on machine performance and conditions on site.

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