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KOMTRAX® Plus Plus

KOMTRAX® Plus is a technologically advanced remote monitoring system that enables you to access machine-specific data from your computer or iPhone/Android Phone. Using telemetry technology on large mining and production class machines, it enables owners and operators to evaluate each machine’s condition and operations while optimising availability, helping to prevent unscheduled downtime and reduce repair costs.

Our new generation of mining and production class machines are equipped with KOMTRAX® Plus.

These include:

  • Haul and dump trucks: HD465-7R, HD785-7, HD1500-8, 730E-8 and 960E-4
  • Excavators: PC1250-8R, PC2000-8, PC3000-6, PC4000-11, PC5500-6 and PC7000-11 and PC8000-6
  • Wheel loaders: WA600-6R, WA800-3E0 and WA1200-6
  • Dozers: D375A-6, D475A-5SE0 and WD600-6

Complimentary service

To enable all our customers to take full advantage of KOMTRAX® Plus remote monitoring, we offer a free KOMTRAX® Plus data service to all Komatsu machine owners with KOMTRAX® Plus compatible machines.

Why use KOMTRAX® Plus?

KOMTRAX® Plus enables you to monitor machine conditions and help achieve maximum productivity and utilisation.

Key features and benefits:

  • KOMTRAX® Plus is a complimentary system to view your machine data
  • The continuous monitoring of a machine’s condition and performance enables abnormal readings to be addressed before they result in unscheduled downtime and increased maintenance costs
  • Records poor or incorrect operator practices, highlighting opportunities for further training and improved safety
  • Continuous monitoring of operating practices and machine settings allows for the fine-tuning of operator procedures to reduce operating costs ▪ Manages fuel usage
  • Accurately logs machine hours so you can determine whether machines are actually working or just accumulating hours
  • Provides production and optimal payload data

Komatsu uses this data for continuous improvement to ensure that the tool gives you the added benefit of knowing that your product is delivering optimum performance.

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