Remote monitoring (KOMTRAX®): Komtrax® Mobile Application

Satelite radar mobile


The KOMTRAX® Mobile Application offers innovative solutions, including:

  • Daily, weekly and monthly fleet operation data summary
  • Machine location and directions to site from your mobile phone
  • Accurate details of working hours
  • Identifies idle time*
  • Monitors fuel consumption*
  • Provides an overview of what cautions are triggered and their date and time
  • Records any significant machine movements
  • Identifies machines with no communication
  • Identifies machines not used with ‘no usage’ feature

*Dependent on machine type and model.

Features can be customised to view a specific time period, from one day to a full month. Fleets can be filtered by model, customer management number or serial number.

The KOMTRAX® Mobile Application is easy to use and loaded with features to turn your smart phone into a mobile monitoring device. 

At Komatsu, we offer you a fully integrated suite of maintenance solutions that are designed to keep your equipment operating efficiently and productively at the lowest possible cost per tonne.

KOMTRAX® Mobile Application
KOMTRAX® Mobile Application