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Financial Information

19. Bank details: Certified Bank Letter (no older than 3 months) to be attached*

Trade References


The Customer hereby declares that all information provided by the Customer is accurate, complete and in an instance where the Personal Information of another person is provided to Komatsu, that the Customer will have the consent of such person to give Komatsu that information. The Customer further undertakes to notify Komatsu in writing of any changes of details shown above including change of ownership, name and address.

The Customer acknowledges that the information provided in this Customer Information Form may be considered “Personal Information” in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act, No. 4 of 2013 (“POPI”) and will be protected under the POPIA and the NCA (where applicable). Komatsu will process Personal Information in accordance with the Komatsu Privacy Policy available at (view link of Privacy Policy). The Customer expressly consents to Komatsu collecting and processing its Personal Information for the purposes of assessing and vetting the Customer’s application and in relation to concluding and/or fulfilling its obligations under the Standard Terms and Conditions.

The Customer hereby consents to Komatsu making worldwide transfers of the Customer’s Personal Information on Komatsu’s corporate systems to other entities, agents or subcontractors in Komatsu’s group, or to other relevant business partners, including without limitation, agents, distributors and third parties who may have incidental access to the Personal Information, all of which will be subject to binding agreements and/or corporate rules that offer the same standard of protection as provided for in terms of the POPIA.

I/We hereby consent to Komatsu South Africa (Pty) Ltd making enquires in its sole discretion as it may deem necessary, relating to the Customer’s credit record and trade references with any credit agency or any third party. Komatsu South Africa (Pty) Ltd may likewise provide reference agencies with updates regarding the Customer's account and including, if the occasion arises, any failure by the Customer to meet any agreed terms and conditions of payment.

To the extent that Komatsu has agreed to grant the Customer Extended Payment Terms, it is hereby recorded that –
(i) such Extended Payment Term shall be a maximum of 30 days nett, calculated from the date of the
relevant statement received by the Customer from Komatsu; and
(ii) the maximum monetary value the customer may accumulate under the Extended Payment Term is R

SURETYSHIP: (your notice is specifically drawn to the fact that personal surety is required for purposes of the Standard Terms and Conditions attached to this Customer Information Form (i) where the Customer is granted extended payment terms in accordance herewith and/or (ii) where Komatsu South Africa (Pty) Ltd requires that personal surety be provided)


Signature: ________________________                                                Witness signature: ________________________


I/We as surety do hereby accept the terms and conditions as set out below, which conditions I/we acknowledge having read and understood and agree will be applicable to all contracts for the purchase of goods from Komatsu South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

If the Customer is a company or corporation, or if the signatory signs in any representative capacity, the signatory (and the other person signing above/below at the place indicated, if applicable) by their signatures hereto bind themselves jointly and severally in solidum as sureties for and co-principal debtors with the Customer for the due and punctual compliance by the Customer of all its obligations to Komatsu South Africa (Pty) Ltd under this Customer Information Form and the Standard Terms and Conditions attached to this Customer Information Form and renounces all benefits from the legal exceptions of no cause of debt (non causa debiti), no value received (non numeratae pecuniae), simultaneous citation and division of debt (de duobus vel pluribus reis debendi), error in calculation (errore calculi), revision of accounts, beneficium ordinis seu excussionis (which would require Komatsu South Africa (Pty) Ltd to proceed against the Customer prior to proceeding against any surety) and beneficium divisionis where there is more than one surety (which would require Komatsu South Africa (Pty) Ltd to proceed against each surety for their pro rata portion and not against any one surety for the entire debit owing), insofar as they or any of them may be applicable, with the full force and effect of which such surety/ies declare/s to be fully acquainted with. 

Spouse Signature:____________________


By signing below, the Customer hereby accepts the Standard Conditions of Agreement attached hereto which Standard Conditions of Agreement the Customer acknowledges having read and understood and agrees will be applicable to all contracts for the purchase of goods from Komatsu South Africa (Pty) Ltd. Your notice is specifically drawn to the fact that, where the Customer is a company, Komatsu South Africa (Pty) Ltd requires that a copy of the authorising resolution of the Customer authorising and approving its signature of the Standard Terms and Conditions of Agreement attached here to be provided to Komatsu South Africa (Pty) Ltd by the Customer upon such signature.


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