Company: Health and safety

At Komatsu, health and safety is of paramount importance, not just for our own employees, but for our customers, contracting partners, suppliers and everyone we engage with. Everything we do must begin and end with safety in mind.

We’re committed to building collaborative relationships that deepen our safety culture and advance the consistent application of safety rules and behaviour.

This focus applies to each and every operation across our Southern African footprint where a common track record of safety excellence is shared. Our aim is to ensure that every employee is dedicated to the creation of a safe and healthy workplace, not just for themselves, but for the people around them.

Safety is an important pillar in our apprenticeship programme. At the very beginning of their careers, trainees are educated on the importance of health, safety and wellbeing as fundamental priorities in everything they do. Added to this, we believe in a work-life balance that supports physical and mental wellbeing.