Attachments: Komatsu Buckets

We provide a complete suite of purpose-matched buckets, both at the time of purchase and as replacements. These are designed and manufactured to suit local conditions and are accompanied by a comprehensive range of Komatsu, Hensley and KVX ground engaging tools. All Komatsu utility and construction excavators are available with Komatsu quick hitches for the safe and rapid changeover of buckets and other attachments.

Why use Komatsu buckets?

  • Our buckets have been specially designed and manufactured to match your Komatsu machine. Together they provide an integrated digging solution for optimum performance
  • Bucket sizes are matched to Komatsu machine lift capacities and working conditions to maximise productivity and minimise maintenance costs and downtime
  • Tip radius dimensions are minimised to maximise bucket breakout force for the Komatsu machine they are matched to
  • Buckets are fitted with Komatsu replacement edges and Hensley ground engaging tools
  • Buckets and hitches are held in stock
  • They come with a full Komatsu factory warranty