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Embracing the K-Way

Meitaro Takeuchi, founder of Komatsu, was a man of foresight. When he began the company almost 100 years ago, in 1921, he founded it on the following guiding principles:

  • Global Expansion
  • Quality First
  • Technological Innovation
  • Human Resource Development

Today these defining principles remain part of our Komatsu DNA.

Over the course of Komatsu’s growth as a major global company, our predecessors built on Komatsu’s strengths and beliefs, and translated those strengths and beliefs into action. Cumulatively these principles have come to be defined as “The KOMATSU Way.’’ The KOMATSU Way has evolved over the company’s history, based on an understanding that while we can and should learn from the past, we must always be focused on the future.

At Komatsu Africa Holdings we believe that sustainable, high-quality service and support can only be provided by a supplier that is fully in tune with the needs and aspirations of both its customers and employees. Therefore our vision statement is simple.

“To be the leading earthmoving equipment company in Southern Africa with the highest level of product support and value add to a customer’s business.”

This proposition is driven by two crucial pillars – the Komatsu brand management principle and The KOMATSU Way (K-Way). 

  • Our brand management principle underpins our belief in the importance of establishing and maintaining enduring relationships. The concept not only means providing customers with the service and solutions they need to meet their goals and aspirations, but playing an active role in this process. 
  • The KOMATSU Way means adhering to the guiding principles that have served us well over the past 57 years. These include our uncompromising commitment to quality and reliability and our workplace philosophies of continuous improvement and information-sharing at all levels. We recognise that our employees are our most valuable assets and regard their personal development as one of our most important responsibilities.

The fusion of The Komatsu Way and our brand management philosophies has positioned Komatsu where it is today – a truly customer-centric company.