Corporate governance

Basic stance on corporate governance

Komatsu believes its corporate value is the total sum of trust given to the Company by society and all stakeholders. To become a company which enjoys more trust from shareholders and all other stakeholders, the Company is working to strengthen corporate governance, improve management efficiency, advocate corporate ethics and ensure sound management on a group-wide basis.
To further improve the transparency of management for its shareholders and investors, the Company discloses information in a fair and timely manner and actively engages in investor relations’ activities by holding meetings with shareholders and investors.

Corporate governance framework

At the Company, the Board of Directors is positioned as the core of corporate governance, and to improve the effectiveness of discussions at meetings of the Board of Directors, the Company has worked to put in place a system to ensure thorough discussions of important management matters and prompt decision making, and reform their operational aspect. Having introduced the Executive Officer (Shikko Yakuin) System in 1999, the Company has separated management decision making and supervisory functions from executive functions to the extent permitted by laws and regulations, and while appointing both Outside Directors and Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Members, limits the Board of Directors to a small number of members.

Corporate governance of the company (As of June 30, 2023)



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