Komatsu consumables: Komatsu Filters

Designed to meet the highest factory specifications, Komatsu filtration solutions cover fuel, air, oil and hydraulic filters. Contrary to popular belief, they actually cost you less as their superior micron ratings and higher quality materials allow you to safely extend intervals between filter changes.

Our filtration solutions are designed to screen out harmful particles and provide vital protection for valuable high-precision components. Manufactured for both Komatsu and other equipment, our filters are produced using specified grades and sizes of micron material to ensure effective filtering between scheduled maintenance intervals.

Komatsu Fuel Filters:

Clean fuel for top-class engine performance

Designed to trap fine particles that can clog and shorten the life of fuel injector nozzles, Komatsu filters deliver clean and uncontaminated fuel vital to maximising fuel injector and pump life. Water separators isolate water and sediment that may contaminate fuel by way of condensation in the tank.

Komatsu Air Filters

Extend engine life

An inefficient air filter allows dust into the combustion chambers, reducing performance and causing serious and expensive wear to cylinders and piston rings. Komatsu air filters are designed to ensure that engines burn clean air to maintain performance and extend engine life.

Komatsu Oil Filters

Top-class engine performance and longevity

When contamination, a by-product of engine combustion and wear is removed, oil is free to do its job – to maintain engine performance and life. Komatsu oil filtration systems employ bypass filtration, either separately or as part of the full flow filter. This removes soot and other by-products not normally extracted through standard full flow filtration.

Komatsu Hydraulic Filters

Performance under pressure

Hydraulic filters are used in a machine’s torque converter, transmission, steering and hydraulic circuits and work under high pressure and temperature. Pressure adjusted oil passes through small orifices in these circuits and must be clean and free of particles caused by wear. Komatsu hydraulic filters employ fibreglass technology to filtrate minute particles, preventing the contamination of hydraulic oil and extending filter life.