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Our technologically advanced KOMTRAX® remote equipment and machine monitoring and location system is an indispensable tool for the management of individual units and fleets of equipment. This satellite technology gives owners and operators greater control over their equipment by providing easy access to the information they need to manage their fleets in real time.

Wireless, secure and user-friendly, the web-based application places a wealth of information at the user’s fingertips so that they can enhance utilisation, minimise downtime and reduce operating costs. Areas in which KOMTRAX® delivers user support include parameters like equipment hours, average hourly fuel consumption, idling times, water temperature and lubrication levels. Machine conditioning is essential and the system provides users with regular updates on routine maintenance needs. In addition, an energy saving report details actual operational hours as well as inefficiencies denoting downtime, times spent in relief mode and walking on site. Users are able to access the system from their desktop computers and, more recently, via the KOMTRAX® Mobile App on their iPhones and Android phones.

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  • Improved fleet management and utilisation
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Improved security
  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Work monitoring and review records
  • Daily reports
  • Monthly load/level summaries
  • Monthly status updates
  • Maintenance alerts

In today’s competitive environment, information is key. KOMTRAX® systems can track your equipment in the field and maximise output by delivering efficiencies and ensuring timely maintenance.


How does KOMTRAX® work?

  1. A GPS satellite provides positional information to your equipment in the field.
  2. Your machine’s KOMTRAX® unit gathers engine and location data and sends it to the satellite.
  3. The satellite transmits this information to the KOMTRAX® data centre.
  4. The KOMTRAX® data centre stores and distributes information throughout the machine’s working life.
  5. You can access all information from the KOMTRAX® data centre via the internet.

KOMTRAX® functionality:

  • Service meter readings
  • Operations map (times of day the engine was on/off)
  • Actual fuel consumption
  • Average hourly fuel consumption
  • Residual fuel level
  • High water temperature during the day’s operation
  • Dashboard cautions
  • Maintenance reminders/notifications
  • Six-digit abnormality code
  • Forced lock
  • Night-time lock
  • Calendar lock
  • Out of area alerts
  • Movement-generated position reports
  • Actual working hours (engine on-time less idle time)
  • Attachment working hours
  • Operation hours in each work mode (economy, power, breaker, lifting)
  • Digging hours
  • Hoisting hours
  • Travel hours
  • Breaker usage hours
  • Hydraulic relief hours
  • Eco-mode usage hours
  • Load frequency (hours spent in four different load levels determined by pump pressures or engine torque) 

KOMTRAX® Telematics system video

How do I get KOMTRAX®?

KOMTRAX® comes standard on most Komatsu tier-3 construction machines, and will continue to be installed as standard on almost every construction class model change. It is also now equipped as standard on most small utility machines and backhoes.

How much does KOMTRAX® cost?

Komatsu has invested in better serving its customers and continuously improving products and support. While other manufacturers may charge a premium for basic GPS products, Komatsu provides KOMTRAX® free of charge for the life of the machine.

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