Why genuine parts: Komatsu powertrain

Komatsu Powertrain components are critical to the high-level performance, productivity, efficiency and reliability of equipment. In machines like dozers, graders and wheel loaders, where the efficient delivery of engine power to the ground is essential, we have developed unique and unrivalled transmission technologies to deliver industry-leading responsiveness, speed and durability.

These include our Torqflo power shift dozer transmission system, dual power shift/lockup torque converter auto grader transmissions and fourth-generation hydrostatic drives on wheel loaders. Combined with Komatsu final drives and differentials, these efficiently convert torque to traction, ensuring your Komatsu machine operates productively under the most challenging ground conditions in widely varying environments.

All Komatsu powertrain elements are designed and manufactured to work together with optimum efficiency. It’s crucial that you use genuine Komatsu components, parts, consumables and lubricants to get the best from your equipment.

Komatsu Powertrain Oil