Careers: Learn about our Culture


Our culture is underpinned by The KOMATSU Way – or the K-Way – a set of values that all people working for us around the world put into practice every day. These values define:

  • Our strengths
  • The beliefs that support these strengths
  • Our basic mind sets and perspectives, and 
  • The types of behaviour that demonstrate our strengths, beliefs and mind-sets

The KOMATSU Way includes our uncompromising commitment to quality and reliability as well as our workplace philosophies of continuous improvement and information-sharing. It is passed on through the generations to all employees worldwide.

7 Principles

Diversity and Inclusion

Komatsu recognises diversity as a significant corporate advantage.

We respect the basic human rights of every employee and strive to offer career opportunities that enable every individual to fully demonstrate their abilities with a sense of fulfilment and pride. We are committed to creating a workplace that is free of discrimination where uniqueness is celebrated, and everyone feels respected and valued for who they are.

Learning and Development

Komatsu employees are our most valuable asset. We therefore provide our people with exciting learning opportunities in order to reach their full potential. Both technical and non-technical training is provided on an ongoing basis through a combination of on-the-job coaching, e-learning, classroom sessions and mentorship. We also assist employees who want to further their studies at tertiary institutions.

We focus on three specific Technical Training areas:

  • Hands-on practical training concentrates on the basic knowledge and skills associated with our four fields of technical competence, general, engine, hydraulic and electrical. An individual’s competency in these areas is assessed annually through the completion of a training needs analysis.

  • Product technical training courses are an essential aspect in the development of our technical staff. Programmes give learners with basic machine experience a detailed understanding of the function, maintenance requirements and repair procedures on the models in our range. They become familiar with the product’s construction, are able to locate and identify safety features, identify components and, importantly, learn to use monitoring systems as a fault-finding tool.

  • Komatsu SA’s Operator Training Department offers a comprehensive range of courses to both the mining and construction industries. Training is available for a large selection of Komatsu equipment and is machine specific. Komatsu’s operator training elements include a range of options, all of which offer opportunities to improve machine knowledge, learn safe operating techniques, and discover how to maximise machine productivity. Operator Training can be coordinated through your local Komatsu Branch.

    Within our company we have dedicated and high-quality trainers and assessors who have worked in the mining and construction industry. To ensure we provide excellent service to our customers, Komatsu ensures that our trainers attend annual training abroad at our mother training centres.

    The Operator Training Department trains around 900 operators annually from across all industry sectors in the Southern Africa region, most of the training sessions are conducted onsite with the customer. The Operator Training Demonstration area provides the opportunity for customer training on various machine sizes, prior to machine delivery. 

i. Non - Technical Training

  • Our employees are our most valuable assets and we therefore regard their personal development as a top priority in order to reach their full potential.

  • Komatsu Offers various in – house learning and development opportunities through our e – learning portal, as well as various SETA accredited courses and workshops.

  • We use a blended approach that combines academic content with hands–on learning and coaching and mentoring, thereby ensuring that employees can apply their skills and knowledge in the work environment.

ii. Education Assistance

  • At Komatsu we encourage employees to further their education and training in work – related areas to improve their effectiveness in their current position and to increase promotional opportunities. Our Education Assistance program provides funding for individuals studying at tertiary institutions.

iii. Leadership Development

  • Through our leadership programmes, we aim to equip our current and future leaders with knowledge and applied skills to improve their performance and effectiveness, and ensure Komatsu remains agile and competitive in an ever – changing world.