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Optimal Fleet Recommendation

Optimal Fleet Recommendation
 TALPAC Analysis                                                   
Maximising your products performance
Optimum Fleet Recommendation (OFR) is a service provided by Komatsu’s Technical Services Department, designed to maximise the performance of equipment based on individual customer requirements.
Our experienced staff will assess the customer working environment and make recommendations on the best available course of action to enhance productivity and maximise machine performance.
The Optimum Fleet Recommendation (OFR) assessment applies to fleet recommendations for future tenders, as well as assessments on a current working scenario where advice will be based on the circumstances. In today’s competitive market, it is essential for a customer to achieve maximum job efficiency in their working environment and gain every advantage to increase production.
With Komatsu’s Optimum Fleet Recommendation (OFR) service, we work with our customers to:
·         Maximise the reliability and durability of their equipment
·         Improve fleet performance
·         Minimise machine downtime
Services Available:
·         Machine Compatibility
·         Maximum Productivity
·         Job Efficiency
·         Specification Comparisons
·         Fuel Consumption
·         Cycle Time
·         TALPAC Analysis
With guidance from our experienced team, you not only buy the right machine for the right job, but have the equipment working to maximum capacity - resulting in higher job efficiency, increased production and optimal component life.