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KVX Ground Engaging Tools Solutions

Komatsu Ground Engaging Tools - KVX
Komatsu KVX GET range
For extreme excavation applications, particularly in excavator work, Komatsu offers the Komatsu KVX range of Ground Engaging Tools (GET).

The KVX system is based around the use of an extremely hard and abrasion-resistant wear plate, combined with teeth of a similar material that bolt directly on to the bucket lip. Both teeth and bucket lip are made of Norwegian-developed Sagitta steel which has a hardness of 500-600 Brinell. This compares with conventional cast teeth, which have a typical average hardness of 450-480 Brinell, while typical lips have an average hardness of around 250 Brinell and typical bolt-on edges have an average hardness range of 360-480 Brinell.

This bucket lip is welded directly into the front of a standard bucket, and because the teeth are bolted directly to the lip, using very highly torqued bolts, there is no need to use tooth adapters. This significantly increases the amount of wear material available and eliminates adapter-related problems.
With a conventional system, the teeth have to be replaced or turned before wear reaches the tooth adapters; with the KVX system, the teeth can wear almost all the way to the lip.

At this point, the worn teeth are simply rotated, and the section of tooth which was previously lying along the bottom of the bucket becomes the new ground engaging element.

During use, the KVX teeth naturally wear to a high-penetration point, so penetration and breakout remains extremely good
throughout their life.