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All Makes Undercarriage

​​Komatsu All Makes undercarriage
Komatsu offers a wide range of alternative Undercarriage products to suit non-Komatsu machines. By implementing rigorous controls and processes during manufacturing, our suppliers Undercarriage Systems wear at a predictable rate, making their components easier to maintain.
The Complete Choice
Our range of products offers an efficient, reliable and economical alternative solution to any operation. Whether in open pit mining, quarrying or earthmoving of large land reclamation, we can offer you the right answer to your undercarriage needs.
Track Chains
Special heavy duty sealed and lubricated track chains have been accurately designed for increased pin and bush retention. The links incorporate greater pin to link and bush to link contact areas, while additional link wear material increases contact life.
Rollers feature reinforced flanges and have been designed and manufactured to achieve longer life in the most severe applications.
Idler Groups
Track idler groups are manufactured for superior wear resistance where the cast, forged or fabricated idlers provide superior structural support.
Track Shoes
A range of forged shoes have been developed. A fully automated forging line, equipped with a 32,000 tonne press followed by machining and a heat treatment process deliver a product with the greatest mechanical wear resistant properties.
Deep induction hardening and excellent depth patterns on the entire tooth profile provide long wear life and guarantee maximum resistance and durability even in severe applications.